Magic Lantern Overview

Magic Lantern Studio is a tool chain used to create applications for multiple platforms using the Wizzer Works Magic Lantern platform and SDK. Magic Lantern is a interactive, title development platform for authoring highly interactive titles, such as interactive TV applications, games, educational programs, and point-of-information/sales kiosks. It was created specifically for the real-world needs of professional title development teams as they break new ground in the development of real-time interactive titles.

The Magic Lantern authoring system was developed with an understanding of how the top professional development teams are currently creating titles. It is designed to streamline development and collaborative processes so that title developers can focus on enhancing content, performance and interactivity. The Magic Lantern development environment is being developed for the Windows and UNIX workstation; for title playback, the Magic Lantern architecture facilitates efficient deployment of a title to one or more platforms, such as an interactive TV set-top box, a Pentium-based PC, or game console.

Relevant Documentation

For more information concerning what Magic Lantern will provide, please review the Magic Lantern System Architecture document.