Android Studio

Magic Lantern Android Studio is a snapshot of the Magic Lantern technology targeting the Android platform. It is based on the popular Eclipse platform and provides development tools for creating Magic Lantern titles using the Magic Lantern title architecture and SDK. The Magic Lantern Android Studio incorporates technology from Google's Android Development Tools (ADT) for Eclipse.

Features include:

  • New Magic Lantern Android Project Wizard
  • Magic Lantern Android Project Import Wizard
  • Magic Lantern Android Sample Project Wizard
  • Magic Lantern Android Test Project Wizard
  • New Digital Workprint Wizard
  • Digital Workprint Editor
  • Title launching and testing
  • Title Templates for Simple, Hello World, and Image Viewer applications
  • Property configurations for Mastering Process tools
  • Magic Lantern Perspective
  • Online Help and Getting Started documentation
  • Full Magic Lantern SDK API documentation


You may download the Magic Lantern Android Studio from Sourceforge.